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Shanghai XDD Electrical Co., Ltd., which has been established since Oct. of 2004, is a professional manufacturer on VHS/YLB Series three-phase asynchronous motors for deep well pump. We keep dedicating on technology innovation since our establishment, make use of advantages on hollow-shaft motor design and production, we are the first one in domestic China who developed YLB outdoor motors (IP54, IP55), YLBVF variable frequency motor and YLBKK high voltage motor special for deep well pump, which filled the domestic gap on deep well pump motors. Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, we are one of the leading Chinese manufacturers on VHS Motors, professional in VHS motors for deep well Pump, the capacity reaches 6000pcs per year.Our target has never been changed, we have been trying to become a professional VHS Motor manufacturer in China for deep well pumps with the most varieties, specifications and output.With the development production capacity, we keep focusing on quality controls too. Since we passed the ISO9000 Quality System certification in 2005, increasing customer satisfaction has been always one of our most important aims, stable quality and high user satisfaction help us win great recognition. We used to work or have been working with many well-known enterprises, such as WEG, Xylem, Pentair, Hydroflo, Taco Trading, American-Marsh. And our VHS Motors also apply in some national level projects, like Three Gorges Project, Xiaolangdi Project, etc.



(一)Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors(VHS)

Vertical Hollow-shaft Motors specially apply on long shaft deep-well pumps, both of them could work together and be mainly applied in the field of agriculture irrigation, industrial & mining enterprises’ water taking from river and fire equipment’s water taking.

1, Equipped with radial-thrust ball bearing, VHS Motors can bear higher axil thrust;

2, Reliable Non-Reverse Ratchet (NRR) could help to protect main components of motor & pump from damaging once the pause of whole set of machines

(二)Advantages and characteristic of XDD motors

1)professional design: with the leading of more than 20-years-experience chief engineer, our design team collaborates on the products design, by means of CAD and other self-developed software, we work out our configuration and electromagnetic design, which ensures the excellent performance, full function and reliability of our motors.

2)Process specialization:XDD focus on VHS Motors, all the production process is specifically overall schemed for the character of this type, meanwhile we designed our own special mould, tooling, which makes sure the quality control of our VHS Motors


1)High Efficiency, high locked rotor torque, low noise;

2)Meet each efficient design requirement. Standard efficient、 high efficient, premium efficient VHS Motors are all available;

3)Protection degree:


II)IEC Standard: IP23,IP54,IP55,IP56

4) Diversified frequencies, single operating voltage, wide operating voltage motors are available

5)Insulation degree: Class F / Class H

6)Upon customized requirements, 6 lead, 9 lead, 12 lead outgoing lines are available. Meanwhile, winding would be designed with double operating voltages and single operating voltage.

7)Upon demand on axil thrust, higher thrust and extra high thrust are available;

8)Multi options on motor protection unit:

I)Option of space heater

II) Option of PT100 for winding and bearing

III) Processing on insulation of bearing, processing on charge guide;

IV) Stable sleeve for transmission shaft

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